It’s a place where personal ‘visual style’ is created... a place where critical wardrobe decisions are made that are ultimately a distinct expression of who we are, how we live, and how we wish to present ourselves to the world!

As a personal style consultant/wardrobe stylist, Pamela Bouchard makes both a living and an art form out of creating customized wardrobing experiences for some of New York City’s most successful, busiest, and well-dressed women.

Pamela passionately believes in the transformative power of dress, and is dedicated to empowering women through helping them to create a more polished and authentic expression of their own “personal style” in every aspect of their lives.

Pamela recognizes the importance of building and maintaining a “dressing room” that is uniquely styled, current, organized and versatile, season after season; a wardrobe that provides her clients with just the right mix of pieces so that they are always equipped to effortlessly and consistently express their best selves.

It’s not about chasing the latest greatest trends or “prescribed” fashion says Pamela, but more about really understanding a client’s unique “lifestyle” needs and personal qualities in creating wardrobe solutions that perpetuate a unique and lasting image.