“As an executive and mother of two, living in DC and working in NYC during the week, I have hardly a second’s time to shop and deal with my wardrobe! From the start, Pamela just had such a clear understanding and vision of what looks would be right for my professional and casual lifestyle. There were even a few occasions where I was in NYC and needed a special outfit for an event the upcoming weekend, back home in DC. I knew I could put Pamela on the project… In a few hours’ time, she would have uniquely styled options, right down to the shoe, handbag and jewelry waiting for me at Bergdorf or Saks. She’s even turned me on to new designers so perfect for my figure.

“Pamela is like having a personal stylist in my back pocket!”

— MS, Managing Director, Private Equity

“I first began working with Pamela in 2006, when I was looking for an outfit for the Tony Awards.  After only a few minutes of talking she understood my taste and what I was looking for. I loved what she put together for me and still wear it for special occasions today. As the years passed I have called on her to update outfits with a new blouse or jacket; hence the reason I still wear the Tony outfit. She is also extremely organized and has helped me go through my closet. We’ve eliminated the non-essentials, reworked/refit important pieces that may have been out of date, and Pamela has even custom designed layering pieces to pair with a few of my important jackets; finishing off my wardrobe to perfection.

“As a busy Broadway producer, Pamela has simplified the task of coordinating my wardrobe for me. I feel well dressed wherever I go.”

— BF, Broadway Producer

“Pamela has been my eyes and ears into the fashion world every season!  I travel constantly, year round, domestically, and to different parts of the world. It’s essential that I have a put together wardrobe, that provides me with polished and season appropriate outfits at a moments notice. At this point, Pamela just knows my wardrobe so intimately, that at the start of a season, she very selectively starts hunting and gathering (at my favorite stores, and others that she has introduced me to), making certain that I have my size reserved from my favorite designer collections, i.e. Akris, Oscar, Lanvin. Pamela is always ready with a suggestion for a new piece of jewelry, a new shoe/handbag, different hosiery, to give new flavor to my present wardrobe. Pamela is a rare creative find!”

— MS, Senior Advertising Executive

* The identities of my clients remain confidential for personal privacy reasons. I would be more than happy to furnish more detail /client references upon request.